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There's Something in Your Diet!

Diets are not a 'one-size-fits-all' kind of ordeal.

Each person must adjust their nutrition so that it adheres to their personal nutritional needs.

Often times, if your diet is not working for you and in fact affecting you negatively, you may need to re-evaluate the foods you consume.

Remember to not be discouraged by the negative results you have been experiencing and let go of your curated diet all-together because...

“Food is an Important Part of a Balanced Diet.”

If you eat foods that unbalance your gut by de-stabilizing your gut enzymes and bacteria, you may experience some symptoms such as:

- Infections

- Inflammations

- Nausea

- Stomach ache

- Diarrhea

There are multiple ways to intelligently follow an elimination diet to find the root cause of your issues and fix your diet so it suits your needs.

Eliminate unhealthy foods and those that you may think are affecting you for a minimum of 3-weeks to give enough time for the results to show. When incorporating those foods back into your diet, go slowly by re-introducing them one at a time and observe how they affect you.

Learn more about elimination diets by joining the Strong & Fit Transformation Program here!

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