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Meditation Class

Our society's foundation relies on strong employees and communities.

Being someone who works both in a corporate environment and is also a fitness expert, I recognize the importance of bringing employees together during these challenging times.


Employees are working independently at home and experiencing the stress of adapting to the changes caused by the pandemic.

The workshops and events I facilitate are excellent vehicles for enabling workplace communities to come together, empower one another, and improve the health of employees regardless of their industry. 

Workshops themes range from:

  • Mental Health  

  • Physical Health

  • Sexual Health

  • Financial Health

  • Alternative Health

Corporate Workshop Testimonial:

"I was honoured to work with Mo as our organization, Nia Centre for the Arts, had contracted her to facilitate a workshop for our Wellness Connect Program. Mo facilitated a two-part workshop for our participants, where she shared her knowledge surrounding physical wellness, meal prepping and taking care of your body. She also provided a live cooking tutorial; showing the participants how to make a healthy alternative pasta. Mo was detailed, welcoming, knowledgeable and really guided folks throughout the workshops so they can further understand their body and the things that would work for it! 10/10 Recommend!"  ~~Sanique Walters

For more information on wellness programming within the themes mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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