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The Super Food Algae 🦠

A super food is typically a plant-based food with such a rich base of nutrients that it carries medicinal properties.

Along with satisfying your hunger, it can provide phytonutrients with healing effects.

Super foods must be incorporated into our diet to lead a healthy lifestyle because...

“You Don't Have to Eat Less, You Just Have to Eat Right.”

Algae is a type of super food that you can take as bits mixed with your food or smoothies.

It is important to note that algae is not a source of supplement. This is because supplements are made from artificial ingredients manufactured under high temperatures which kills the nutrition in them.

There are 2 main types of algae:

  1. Macro-algae: high fibre, low nutrition.

  2. Micro-algae: most types are toxic for human consumption.

The safe-to-eat algae come under micro-algae and are spirulina and chlorella.

These are high in the nutrition value and are perfectly safe for human consumption.

Learn more about the super food algae via the Health Your Own Way podcast.


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