Stress: The Good & The Bad.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Everyone experiences stress on different levels depending on the circumstance.

The most important thing for our well-being is how we handle it, after all...

“It's Not Stress That Kills Us, It Is Our Reaction To It.”

This is where good stressors and bad stressors come into play.

Too little stress obstructs you from reaching your potential by creating a lack of motivation, but, too much stress can cause a decrease in your health and wellness.

Between these two polar opposites, there is a sweet spot for where stress acts as a healthy driving force to help you achieve your goals without adding overwhelming and excessive pressure. By tackling stress with a negative attitude, such as being constantly worried, not getting enough rest and so on, your health may see a great deal of decline. On the other hand, a positive response would ignite inspiration, energy, focus and growth for the task at hand. To manage your stress levels, try these tactics in your daily life:

  1. Setting short and long term goals that are realistic and focused.

  2. Commit to doing one thing every single day to sustain your motivation.