March Challenge: 30 Glute - Sculpt & Lift

We will be kicking off another monthly 5-day partners challenge starting March 14th. We expect it to be fun, versatile, and will help you reach your fitness goals for the new year!

What is the 5 Day 30 Glute - Sculpt & Lift Challenge? Our next monthly challenge will begin on March 14 and will be organized similarly to the previous challenges. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the video demonstrations. You will be performing 3 to 4 sets of 10-12 reps of low to high-intensity exercises a week. If you have yet to join the private Facebook group, this is an opportunity to gain feedback and support to help you stay focused on your goals!

We want nothing but the best for you. Follow us on the monthly 5-day challenge starting March 14, 2022!

What if I told you...

Having goals is one thing;

And establishing your starting point is important


Because what's the best step for others to take...

May not be the right next step for you.


Let's say your goal is,