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How to Live A Toxin-Free Lifestyle 🌻

A lot of what we consume may contain toxins and are unnatural for our body to process.

But, toxins don't just stop at infiltrating our foods.

In fact, they can be found in the plastic bottles we drink out of or even our makeup and skincare.

It is important to know what elements of our daily consumption and use are toxic because when we make amendments to our lifestyle, it's more than just food to focus on as...

“It's Just As Important What You Put On Your Skin, As What You Put in Your Body.”

The Gorgeous Grey Movement by Nicole Scott is about transitioning into your natural self and accepting your hair as it comes with time and age.

As women, we are sometimes okay with aligning ourselves with the beauty standards even if it damages our health. This is solely due to the societal pressure that is placed around women to consistently look amazing regardless of the situation and place. A lot of our beauty-care, haircare and skincare have toxins and hormone-disruptors. This could be the cause for your current and future health problems.

But, there are always clean and natural alternatives for all your needs!

Learn more about transitioning to a toxin-free lifestyle via the Health Your Own Way Podcast.


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