Having a sense of community

Today we will be discussing the last of the four key elements.

The human experience is, without a doubt, centred around the word community

A sense of belonging comes from being part of an engaging community. This allows us to establish personal connections and support the continued growth and development of ourselves, each other, and our environment.

Communities can come in many forms, including physical places, social media groups, and private social media platforms where people connect virtually.

Benefits of being part of an engaging community

The benefits of belonging to a group or community are numerous.






Our strengths maybe someone else’s weaknesses

Sharing a physical or virtual space allows people to be inspired, solve problems, share humour, vent their frustrations, and celebrate their achievements. Connecting like-minded people with the same goal, regardless of where they are on their journey, makes for a rewarding and engaging community and allows you to get the support you need.

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