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Ditch Fad Diets 🗑

Health and nutrition based education are much more effective methods of maintaining a good quality of life.

Your love for food deserves to be re-discovered and kept alive every single day of your life!

Fad diets are an expensive, unrealistic, and unsustainable means of “being healthy” that generally don't even work.

There is no diet in the world that will do what healthy eating does.”

Fresh, whole, nutritious foods are the greatest gift you can give your body.

Fad diets, typically, do not include a reasonable or sustainable amount of healthy foods that are realistic for people to adhere to for the rest of their lives.

They are not curated for specific individuals that cater to their needs and address their particular issues.

They largely focus on food and health trends that are consumed by the public, specifically celebrities, and are endorsed by the media.

Meal prepping is a great, long-term method to eating healthy and maintaining your well-being.

Learn more about fad diets and meal prepping via the Health Your Own Way Podcast.


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