Build Your Health Team

If you missed our last newsletter, we talked about the Health Circle also referred to as "whole health." Today we will be discussing the third of the four key elements.

Professional Care: Your health team is there to help with your overall wellbeing.

The importance of having a team:

A health team is important for a number of reasons. As we age, having different approaches to your health care allows you to address your overall wellbeing.

Secondly, researchers have found that having a collaborative approach with your health professionals allows for a patient-centred well-being approach.

Who is on your healthcare team?

In healthcare, teamwork is essential. Every healthcare provider has an important role to play. A team may include doctors or technicians, while others are specialists who care for patients physically and emotionally.

The following members of the healthcare team may be involved:

  • Physicians

  • Naturopath

  • Personal Trainer