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Your Guide to Portion Control.

Portion control is one of the most effective methods of eating a full and healthy amount.

It's important to understand when and how to control your nutrition because over-eating and limiting yourself excessively is not a healthy way to maintain your diet, after all…

“To Eat is a Necessity, But to Eat Intelligently is an Art.”

There are multiple ways to intelligently follow a portion control method to eat healthy.

The hand method is a way to approximately measure the amount of food you may require to satisfy your hunger. It does this by not allowing the boundaries between satiated and over-eating to be blurred as it is a close approximate to what you may need. The rules:

- Protein = 1 palm

- Vegetables = 1 fist

- Carbohydrates = 1 cupped hand

- Fats = 1 thumb This is the general rule of the hand method for portion control.

But, there are different ways to adjust this rule to fit your body and health goals along with your dietary requirements.

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