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Say Hello To Your New & Improved Sexual Health.

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Do you find yourself struggling with incorporating closeness and affection into your sex life?

Here's where the misconception lies for many: intimacy does not equal sex.

Intimacy is the mutual offering of openness and connection between partners, hence...

“Sex Without Love Is Merely Healthy Exercise.”

If you're looking for a cause for the disconnection you experience in your relationships, and in turn, a negative outcome upon your overall health, intimacy might be the answer for you.

It is false to interchange "intimacy" and "sex" in all circumstances and can be the cause of a greater issue within your sexual encounters.

The importance of actively including intimacy in sexual relationships stems from its significant benefits on our health from this emotional and vulnerable practice.

Some of the health benefits include the release of 'happy' hormones, lower stress levels, a boost in your self-esteem and better sleeping patterns.

Look within yourself first to get to know who you truly are, your purpose and what you desire from relationships. This practice is a healthy way to get intimate with yourself.

The key is to become a whole individual yourself in order to create a fully functional unit with your partner as their own individual self.

This fuels healthy connection, emotional understanding and sexual intimacy!

Find more information on sexual health & intimacy here.


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