Meet Mo Akins

Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Mo Akins -  Coach


Why train with me?

I am a certified personal fitness trainer with Canfit Pro and I have over 10 year experience within the fitness industry helping individuals like yourself reach their own version of health. 

My personal expertise includes one-on-one fitness training, both online, in select gyms or at your GTA area home. 

A passion of mine is proper form and mobility and helping corporate teams and individuals gain awareness, information, and education to help you take back control of your health.

By going through these steps, we create a individualized program to provide you with the tools, resources, as well as skill set to sustain your results after you have successfully completed to he program.


With that said, the program will leave you empowered and confident in your abilities to continue your personal accountability of your own wellbeing.

What I Specialize In

Online & Hybrid Training Personalized Program

Establish Eating Habits

Corporate Wellness Programs

Group Personalized Training Program 

One on One  Personalized Training Program 

Client Transformation

Social Media


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Perseverance is the word I would use to describe Mo. When working out with Mo she makes you find that inner strength within you that you as an individual never though you had. When you start achieving that result and she flicks her finger and yells out, "YESSS I no what my girl can do!" it make you never want to give up on yourself. She is also caring, kind and down to earth and that Is why I feel so comfortable and blessed to have met her. Thanks Mo you are the best!

- Allison Phillips

Mo is super passionate about her clients! She sets realistic expectations and workout plans, she pushes me to do better and also actively updates the plans so that they fit my goals and preferences.

I look forward to our workout sessions every week because I always walk (or crawl) out of the gym feeling motivated and energized. Another great thing about Mo is that she's there to help you achieve your goals within a set timeline so you can sustain the healthy habits on your own. If I could keep her for the rest of my life I definitely would!!

- Linh Hoang

I have been training with her for 6 months and she has been nothing but passionate about my journey. She makes a workout plan and would usually do checkups to see how I ate or worked out that day. She’s also very knowledgeable about fitness and what works for your body’s best results. Mo herself is an athlete competing so she’s not just telling you what to do without backing it up. Because of her I’ve stepped back into the gym and started working out which hasn’t been the case in two years. I’ve added a lot of muscle strength, lost weight, and been eating a ton better. She will not disappoint! Super grateful for having Mo as my trainer !!

- Auj G

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