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Ready for STRONGER You?

Mo Akins

Forget fad diets, boring exercise routines, and one-size-fits-all fitness.

LYBL Fitness is helping women create exercise & nutrition habits that stick.

  • Simple exercises you can do at home or in the gym

  • Nutrition tips that work long-term

  • Coaching & support to keep you on track

Hitting 40 doesn’t mean you can’t be in the best shape of your life.

Since I turned 40, I have been able to achieve national records in powerlifting and I’ve helped hundreds of women create exercise and nutrition habits that light them up!

When you put your health first a miraculous shift happens.  You feel better, you move easier, and you have more energy.

You’re proud of yourself for showing up! And that seeps into every area of your life.

Let’s see what you can do when you feel YOUR BEST. I’m here to celebrate you every step of the way!

Some of My Client's Transformations

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Read what people are saying... 

Mo is an amazing trainer, she's tough, firm and knows how to push you to achieve your best. She's patient and loves to see her clients succeed. Mo is very knowledgeable and knows just how to impart that knowledge so that you can learn from her. She does not want you as a forever client, she wants to teach you the correct way and help you go on your own to achieve great personal strides.

My time with Mo has been tough but incredible. She is committed to you becoming your best self. She never gives up on you and pushes you. There were times that I wanted to give up on myself and it was her dedication and passion for fitness that have allowed me to keep going. I’m down roughly 15 pounds and my strength has improved significantly. I am very proud of my progress. Do not expect quick fixes, but if you are ready to change your life and give it everything you got, look no further, Mo will be with you every step of the way as long as you show up and are ready to change your life.

I started working out with Mo in mid-June. I hadn't workout for a while and didn't know how to get back into and stick it out. But when I met and got to know Mo I knew that she was the perfect trainer for me. She is professional yet kind, patient, understanding and relatable. Her encouragement and knowledge has given me the confidence that I needed to continue to improve my results. I am pleased with where I am heading and I would recommend anyone who would like to start or improve their fitness to work with Mo. I will definitely work with her again.

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